Upcoming Talk: Arse Elektronika 10/5 (SF)

Are you in the San Francisco area? Come hear me speak at Arse Elektronika 2013!

If you had the chance to take your favorite hobby and turn it into a business, would you?

What if that hobby were sex?

Dr. Kristen Stubbs shares her adventures as a sex-positive entrepreneur, including her lessons learned and advice for folks who are interested in founding sex-positive businesses of their own.  Kristen will discuss pseudonymity, dealing with the sex-negative world, finding collaborators, and more.

No prior business experience is required or assumed — Kristen didn’t have much when she started, either!

What: Sex-Positive Startup Stories or: Phase 1: Sex / Phase 2: ? / Phase 3: Profit
When: Saturday, October 5, ~1:30pm
Where: The Center for Sex & Culture (1349 Mission b/w 9th and 10th, San Francisco)

Arse Elektronika is an incredibly fun meeting of the (pervy) minds: here’s the complete schedule. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

RSVP (not required, but it’s nice to know who I might get to see!)
FetLife event: 

Google+ event: https://plus.google.com/events/c50oc3578q8ceqi3j8el5v9ok20

I hope to see you next weekend!

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