Startup Stories: To Profit, or Not to Profit? — 2 Comments

  1. hi, I’m the same anon as on the first-pervertables page.

    I fully support your project, I would say it’s something very necessary, since other crowdfunding sites will almost always reject any kind of “non politically correct” project.

    Regarding the transformation into something non profit, I think it’s a good idea to consider this option. Sometimes a project will only go forward via unexpected, “creative” ways you would have not believed possible/relevant at the start.

    I believe you should not need a lot of money to start a web-based project. You can start almost any web site with a wordpress/joomla/etc installation on a shared server. Yes, it’s not perfect, but it works, you can show something immediately. Once everything works and the project is running, you can always migrate to something stronger, made on purpose, with specific features, etc.

    Same with the business side of things. It’s expensive and complex to start a full corporation, the same is true in France. But there are alternatives, for example, my wife started a small ‘autoentrepreneur’ business to sell her music, and she only pays when she earns something. There is a max income with this method, but when she reaches that limit, there will be no problem with starting a normal company. Maybe something like this exists where you live. If not, I think your choice of a non-for-profit organization is a good idea.

    As a maker/hacker, my way of doing projects is always like this, I start easy with some simple prototype made from scraps, reused things, etc, that will not cost, then ramp up later. This seems obvious, I know :)

    The sex-positive instructable seems a very, very good thing. Why not start with that one? That would be a way to gather a community, then, later, you could start a crowd funding thing to help the community members spread what they have described in the sextructable site! (not everyone is able to DIY). The two concepts could even be integrated: let people post/describe/explain their sexhacks, let them vote on the best ones, choose the most interesting ones and promote/crowdfund them. Then why not invent a sextsy kind of site, where people hand craft sex-positive things and sell them?

    And this web site would require quasi-zero money investment, at least to start. The main thing to do would be to care about the community, share experiences, etc :)

    I’ve read many books, and even if the theory never matches with the reality, most people in these books find it important to come up quickly with a working prototype, because it gives a good feeling, instead of preparing something very complex for months and no one can see the results.

    these are 2 cents advices, but I wish you the best of luck!

    Anonymous S.

    • Hi there! Thank you again for writing. :) I definitely agree that getting the minimum viable “product” here is the way to go. I’m definitely trying to keep that in mind as I think about where to go.

      Thanks for the encouragement! :D

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