The Hammer goes to Burning Man!

I just got accepted to present as part of Phage’s lecture series during Burning Man!  If any of you will be out on the playa, please come and see my talk.

  • What: Me talking about DIY sex toys complete with a toy prototype demo (a new version of The Hammer)
  • When: Monday night (8/26). Lectures start at 8pm, I’m slated to be last speaker (theoretically starting at 8:45pm-ish)
  • Where: The Phage dome. Phage is part of The Institute (with False Profit and the Relaxomats) at 5:00 and Esplanade, between Death Guild and the Red Nose District.

Can’t make my talk? Assuming the playa isn’t too hard on my prototype, I expect to be wearing it most evenings. After all, how could I go to Burning Man without a large, glowing, rainbow penis?

See you in the dust!


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