The Hammer: Actually my penis? [video reposted]

Someone flagged my Hammer demonstration on YouTube as violating their community standards. While the video does not contain nudity and is not intended to be sexually explicit...apparently someone out there does believe that the Hammer is actually my penis.

Here's the original video, now re-posted:

Update 4/19/13: Reposted video to a new host. It should now stream correctly, and I won't have to worry about any more takedowns!

Update 2/26/15: Had to repost again after this repost but forgot to update the link here.


The Hammer: Actually my penis? [video reposted] — 5 Comments

  1. Did you ever think of fitting a vibrator into the part of the hammer that gets inserted, that also changes intensity dependent on how much pressure you apply? Could be fun…

  2. Great idea and even better execution. A grip test and light-up dildo. Someone once said sex should be the most fun you can have without laughing, and the Hammer proves it.
    It [sadly] doesn’t surprise me that there are people that thought you had a very white light-up penis. I use a mechanical ​mod (e-cig) which is 6″long, over an inch thick and made of copper with a shiny stainless steel top. It has no lights. I am constantly confronted by people that honestly (according to them) can’t tell the difference between it and an actual cigarette, which is 1/4 inch thick and starts out 3″ long and steadily gets shorter. Keep posting and don’t let the idiots bother you.

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