teasecraft resources: Better Sex Through Trigonometry (OpenSCAD)

Mr. O created this programatically-generated sex toy using OpenSCAD.

Mr. O created this programatically-generated sex toy using OpenSCAD.

In November 2015, Mr. O presented “Better Sex Through Trigonometry” at teasecraft-boston, a meetup group for folks interested in making their own sex toys, BDSM equipment, and other kinky and fun things.

Ever wanted to create your own Dildo or other Sex Toy? Have the perfect design in your mind but don’t know how to bring it into reality? Mr. O will walk you through the basics of using OpenSCAD, a free program for creating 3D models that you can then 3D print or create molds for silicone casting. Make toys to fit your own personal geometry!

Here are the slides that Mr. O presented to the group:

Mr. O has given me permission to share his sample code (.zip); below you can see a quick preview of what each .scad file will generate. You’ll need OpenSCAD in order to use these files; downloads and documentation are available for free (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

Rendered version of bullet.stl


Rendered version of ctower.stl


Rendered version of plug.stl


Rendered version of paddle.stl


Rendered version of paddlehandle.stl


Rendered version of simpledong.stl



Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the .scad files, see if you can write code which will produce flail.stl and wand.stl — Mr. O leaves these as an exercise for the reader. Enjoy!



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  1. Found your blog looking for resources on home made toys a few months back, just wanted to begin a post with a thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    I have learned a lot since then and made some awesome toys! :D

    Scad is super nice for making customizable toys but a little hard to make them feel organic in my oppinion.
    So I just wanted to drop a line about “Sculptris”, it’s a free clay modelling software you can use to make nice natural looking shapes. It’s great if you want to 3D print or just make a 3D version before you sculpt a positive in real clay.

    I made this monster with Sculptris and Blender (http://i.imgbox.com/tnQptTjM.jpg). The positive is 3D printed, sanded and spray painted with clear coat. Made a platinum silicone mold of it and then cast the toy itself from the same platinum silicone.

    Anyway thanks for all the awesome, keep up the good work!

    • You’re very welcome! I’m so glad this site was helpful.

      And thanks very much for the pointer to Sculptris! Your toy turned out great, and hopefully this will give other folks even more ideas. :D

      – Kit

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  5. This is pretty cool, I have always been interested in 3d printing dildo’s or doing it for other people. I guess someone has to design these things right! I think you could really make some nice designs with this CAD design

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