Upcoming talks: San Francisco and Springfield, MA

I’m going to be speaking and showing off some of my projects at a couple of neat conferences this fall. If you’re in the area, please come out and see me!

Arse Elektronika (Sept. 27-30) I’ll be unveiling my latest creation, The Hammer, on Thursday night at Prixxx Arse at The Armory and then giving a technical talk on Sunday (9/30) at 3pm at Noisebridge:

The Hammer: A Test-Your-Strength Game
This talk will introduce The Hammer, a test-your-strength game, including a live demonstration and a brief technical presentation. The Hammer is a silicone toy consisting of a bulb, instrumented with a force sensor, and a shaft, containing a row of LEDs. The bulb is inserted (either into a vagina or an anus) — when the person squeezes, the shaft illuminates.  The harder you squeeze, the brighter it gets.

Transcending Boundaries (Oct. 26-28) The final schedule hasn’t been released, but I will be co-presenting two talks and running a Birds of a Feather session.

Queering Role in BDSM Play
The idea of breaking binaries around gender and sexuality can be very empowering. In this session, we look at queering identity in the context of BDSM: “kinky vs. vanilla”, “dom vs. sub vs. switch”, and “top vs. bottom vs. switch” are all categories that we can reimagine. We’ll discuss the concept of a “rolequeer” identity and have a group brainstorming session about how to subvert norms and rewrite traditional BDSM roles in our play.

Changing the Playbook – Negotiating Asexual/Sexual Relationships
What does it mean for an asexual person and a sexual person to start a relationship? The presenters (one pansexual and one asexual) share some of their experiences and lessons learned, including understanding what (a)sexuality and physical intimacy mean for them; exploring the dynamics of physical, emotional, and romantic connections; and communicating desires and boundaries.

Toymaker Birds of a Feather
If you build, craft or hack any type of sex toys or BDSM equipment, come talk with fellow makers!  All people 18+ are welcome, regardless of your (a)sexuality/orientation/gender or what materials you work with (electronics, wood, metal, leather, software, etc). We want to facilitate face-to-face conversation because it’s such a great medium for showing off projects, sharing stories, and meeting new collaborators.

I hope to see some of you at these conferences!


Upcoming talks: San Francisco and Springfield, MA — 2 Comments

  1. Also, if you’re ever out Springfield way again, you really should come by Smith College – 20 mins away, right off the highway, and easily 75% of the student body, if not more, would be super thrilled to hear from you. We also have the only women’s engineering school in the country, if that’s a help, and though Hampshire College (next town over) might have the edge on us in soft robotics for now (they’ve got a robotic gecko), they won’t for long after you show up.

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