Resource List: Home Depot in the Bedroom

Interested in building your own sex toys or kinky equipment? Here is a list of resources contributed by panelists and participants of “Home Depot in the Bedroom” at Arisia 2013.

Many of the resources listed are local to Boston, MA.  

Home Depot – Hardware, fasteners, metal, wood, rope, tools.
Lowe’s – Hardware, fasteners, metal, wood, rope, tools.
Round’s Hardware (Stoneham, MA) – Fasteners including specialty items.
Marine Supply Stores – Find one near you.  Rope, rope fastening & handling hardware.
McMaster-Carr – – Online industrial supply.  Basically everything, and the best stock search database around.
Grainger – – Online industrial supply.
Sugru – – Air setting silicone putty that’s useful for just about everything.  A great way to add soft and custom grips and join parts together.
Tandy Leather – Local store is in North Chelmsford, MA and much of the staff is BDSM-friendly.
Sewfisticated (Framingham, MA) apparently has good prices on leather.
Metal Source (Woburn, MA) sells metals including aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel.
Boulter Plywood (Somerville, MA) sells sheets of a variety of plywoods including marine grade, and will cut to order.
Turner Steel –
Instructables –
Online Metals – Good prices, good selection.

The Toymaker Project –
Teasecraft (meetup for kinky makers every 3rd Friday at Artisan’s Asylum) –
Passionate Produce (sex/kink-positive crowdfunding) –
The Better Built Bondage Book by Douglas Kent
Artisan’s Asylum ( especially for their woodworking/metalworking shops and casting/moldmaking classes
Reynold’s Advanced Materials ( – 45 Electric Avenue, Brighton, MA 02135, (617) 208-0300
FetLife: BDSM Toys Craft Corner group (


Resource List: Home Depot in the Bedroom — 5 Comments

  1. This is an *awesome* list! I was just looking at building myself a roof basket for my truck (Yes, not kink related in the slightest), and those metal stock links are perfect!

    I also make other things ;), but that wasn’t my first thought at seeing this list.

  2. Hi all. I am looking to have a full head iron mask cast for my sub husband. Does anyone know of any kink friendly metal workers who can make cast iron masks.

    • Hi!

      That’s a great question. I don’t know off the top of my head, and this page doesn’t really get any traffic as a discussion forum, but I have a couple ideas of places to check.

      If you’re in the greater Boston area:
      – You could join the teasecraft-boston email list (!forum/teasecraft-boston) or FetLife group ( This is the perfect type of question for that group of people!
      – Artisan’s Asylum, a local makerspace, has an email list of crafts people who are available for commissioned projects. You could email with what you want (as specifically as you can) and how much you’re willing to pay, and see if anyone there would be interested. The list isn’t BDSM-specific, but there are a lot of open-minded folks at the Asylum.

      If you’re not in the Boston area, I’m afraid I don’t have as many ideas. You could try looking at groups and see if you can find something in your area, or something related to metalworking.

      I hope this is helpful!

  3. I may be able to help you make the mask your looking to make. I would need at least one casting from his face. (body double or alginate would work well. I would then sculpt the rest, and remold and make a positive after approved. Then I could cast it in iron at one of our pours. Thanks.


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