Resource List: Sex Geek and Kinky Crafter Meetup on JoCo Cruise 2016

Six magnets from JoCo Cruise 2016 surround a small, handmade glass dildo.

I recently got back from JoCo Cruise 2016 where I had a fabulous time! I organized a meetup for sex geeks and kinky makers as an unofficial (“shadow cruise”) event. Below you’ll find a list of the topics we talked about and some relevant resources.

We have a new Facebook group! Request to join “Sea Monkey Sex Geeks & Kinky Crafters” if you were at our meetup this year or you’re a Sea Monkey generally interested in said topics. :)

For Sea Monkeys around Boston, I organize a meetup group for sex/kink-positive makers and crafters called teasecraft that meets third Fridays of odd-numbered months. For updates, you can join our Google Group email list and/or our FetLife group! These are low-traffic groups — mostly just event announcements and occasional questions about crafting. We usually meet at Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, MA. teasecraft is a project of my new non-profit, the Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity.

Sea Monkeys on the West Coast may be interested in Arse Elektronika, a sex/tech conference which happens annually in San Francisco (usually around early October).

For more information on casting/moldmaking and working with silicone, check out the notes from the January 2015 teasecraft meetup by Jimmie Rodgers and me: Fun with Silicone! I’ve also written about DIY silicone toys, and other folks have contributed in the comments on my posts about The Hammer and the TARDIS Tickler.

Other topics discussed in smaller groups at the meetup included:

  • Teledildonics
    • There was interest in hands-free toys, such as the Venus 2000 (now “Venus for Men“) and the RealTouch.
    • Toys can be difficult to use with partners, although you could try the Eva or the “Octopussy” (which I think might be referring to the Pulse by Hot Octopuss).
    • Folks expressed interest in controlling toys from a phone. In terms of direct physical controls, a dial or an up/down speed control were mentioned as preferable to buttons that just change between different modes or patterns.
    • Someone mentioned a phone that uses electrostatic technology to create a touch-based interface. (Apparently the “Sexbox 360” is related to this, although I wasn’t able to find it on Google.)
    • People talked about 3D printing with silicone, as you can either print a positive and then make a mold off of it, or just 3D print a mold directly. SexShop3D has been doing work in this domain; they have released a two-part video on Silicone Sex Toys with 3D Printing (part 1 / part 2).
  • Non-monogamy: You can connect with other non-monogamous folks online via the polyamorous monkeys Facebook group (seamonkeys only), Fetlife, Swinger Date Club (SDC), SwingLifeStyle (SLS), and Adult Friend Finder (AFF).

Thanks again to everyone who came out for the meetup! Feel free to let me know what I missed by leaving a comment below.

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