Resource List: teasecraft at FFF #44 (Feb 2015)

Interested in building your own sex toys or kinky equipment? Here is a list of info and resources discussed at the teasecraft kinky maker/crafter Birds of a Feather session at NELA Fetish Fair Fleamarket #44, Valentine’s Day Weekend, 2015:

teasecraft-boston meets third Fridays of odd-numbered months. For updates, you can join our Google Group email list and/or our FetLife group! These are low-traffic groups — mostly just event announcements and occasional questions about crafting. We usually meet at Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, MA.

The next teasecraft meetup is “Designing Your Pleasure Experiences” on Friday, March 20, 7:30-9:30pm at Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville. Soumyadip of MysteryVibe will be joining us remotely from London to talk shop. Attendees will have the opportunity to join MysteryVibe’s ‘Founding Member’ programme, receive free sex toys for life, and be a part of creating something magical. More details on the FetLife event page (announcements/reminders will also be posted to the email list and FetLife group in March).

For more information on casting/moldmaking and working with silicone, check out the notes from the January teasecraft meetup by Jimmie Rodgers and me, Kit Stubbs: Fun with Silicone! I’ve also written about DIY silicone toys, and other folks have contributed in the comments on my posts about The Hammer and the TARDIS Tickler.

If you’re interested in doing custom vibrator programming, check out (particularly The Mod and their How-To section), and keep an eye on Dr. X. Treme and (their current vibrator controller is the HackOff, but they may be releasing a new platform later this year).

Both Comingle’s and Orgasmatronics’ products are based on the Arduino platform. You can buy your own Arduino-compatible board from places like Sparkfun and Adafruit. Adafruit also has a series of tutorials to get you started, plus other “learn to Arduino” projects and lots of other how-to resources.

Thanks to all of the NELA staff and volunteers who made the Flea possible, and thanks to everyone who joined us there! 


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  1. Your videos and web page are probably the best I have been able to find (and I have been looking for a while). I will be making a donation as I think it’s vital you continue your work so geeks like me can make what can not be found in commercially made toys.

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