How to Make an Aluminum Cane

How to Make an Aluminum Cane

This is a very basic project that only requires a couple of tools. The resulting cane is fairly lightweight and can be a good starter cane if you haven't played with one before.

Materials and Tools

  • 1/4 in. diameter aluminum dowel rod (some hardware stores have them but some don't; see McMaster-Carr part number 8974K31, which is a 6 ft. long rod for about $6)
  • A pair of bolt cutters (or a hacksaw or Dremel tool) to cut the aluminum dowel
  • A file that's labeled to be used on metal (or a Dremel tool)


Step 1.
Use the bolt cutters to cut the aluminum dowel to your desired length. My cane is about 20 inches long, but you can experiment and see what works well for you.
Step 2.
Use the file to smooth down the ends of the cane, particularly around the edges. This toy is not intended to draw blood. ^^;

Toy Care

You can clean the cane with bleach wipes.