Princess Charming: Diverse princesses for diverse kids

I don’t generally feel comfortable asking people to give money to things, but I believe that it is really important for Princess Charming to exist in the world.


Kids need better princess role models, and lots of them, in stories that they can read and re-read as they get older. Josh Roby and Anna Kreidner have the whole thing planned out — each princess’s story is planned for a picture book, a bedtime book, and an early reader book. They are trying to build an enduring legacy of stories featuring princesses of color, princesses of different sizes, princesses who use swords and princesses who use words.

Princess Fayola is assigned male at birth and has to explain to her parents that yes, she IS a princess.  Princess Rowan happens to have a physical disability.  Princess Chandra happens to be about twice the size of any Disney princess I’ve ever seen (and I bet she’ll be kicking at least twice as much ass.)

If you have the resources to contribute to this campaign, please go do it.  If you have social media accounts, please spread the word.  Feel free to use the graphic I created (available as  480×567, 1195×1411, or SVG), or use the art from a Princess Charming update.

Go. Help bring these awesome princess stories to life so that kids — girls, boys, gender variant kids, trans* kids, ALL kids — can become more awesome people.

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