Preview: “What is Obscenity?” by Rokudenashiko

First panel from

In the June issue of the Effing Foundation newsletter, I feature What Is Obscenity? The Story of A Good For Nothing Artist And Her Pussy by my hero Rokudenashiko (AKA Megumi Igarashi). Below you can find a preview of the first page of her manga memoir along with a transcript!

In What is Obscenity, Rokudenashiko tells the hilarious story of how she started doing vulva art (you might have seen her yellow kayak shaped like her vulva!) and her subsequent arrest. I’ve been waiting a couple of years for Ms. Igarashi’s comics to be released in the US, and I was not disappointed! “What is Obscenity?” is a funny and poignant look at what it means to be vulva-positive in Japan. Whether you like comics, free speech, art, and/or vulvas, Rokudenashiko has you covered!

First page of

First page of “What Is Obscenity?” by Rokudenashiko



What is Obscenity? How I Became A So-Called Artist.
Chapter 1
by Rokudenashiko

(To the right of the title is a stylized, cartoon character depiction of a vulva which is waving. It is labeled ‘Ms. Manko’.)

Panel 1

(Rokudenashiko is smiling and waving to the reader. On the left is a stylized, cartoon character depiction of a vulva with an arrow pointing to it that reads “MANKO.”)

Nice to meet you. My name is Rokudenashiko.*
*Rokudenashi: Japanese for “good-for-nothing.”

I make manko art.

Panel 2

What is that exactly?

(1) I create plaster.

(Water and potassium alginate are combined in a bowl, mixed with a spoon, and put into a tray.)

(2) I put it on my manko.

(Rokudenashiko, wearing a t-shirt and no pants, looks like she’s exerting herself as she holds the tray between her legs.)

(3) I make a mold.

(A white substance is poured on top of the imprinted tray.)

(4) I paint and decorate the mold.

(A paintbrush is shown above a vulva cast that has been decorated with hearts and flowers.)

Voila! “Deco Pussy”

Panel 3

Most people are taken aback.

(A crowd of anxious people look out at the reader. “ABACK” is written above their heads in large letters. “SERIOUSLY?” is written in small type above one of the people in the rear of the crowd.)

It’s not unreasonable. It is PUSSY after all…

Panel 4

But I wonder…

(Rokudenashiko is alone in the panel, looking thoughtful.)

What’s wrong with pussy?

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If you enjoyed this preview of What is Obscenity? please support Rokudenashiko and her awesome vulva-positive art! You can purchase the book directly from the artist or on Amazon.

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