The Hammer: Actually my penis? [video reposted]

Someone flagged my Hammer demonstration on YouTube as violating their community standards. While the video does not contain nudity and is not intended to be sexually explicit...apparently someone out there does believe that the Hammer is actually my penis.

Here's the original video, now re-posted:

Update 4/19/13: Reposted video to a new host. It should now stream correctly, and I won't have to worry about any more takedowns!

Update 2/26/15: Had to repost again after this repost but forgot to update the link here.

Announcing teasecraft: sex/kink-positive maker meetups

Since May 2012, I’ve been co-organizing a monthly meetup group called teasecraft-boston, an informal get-together of sex/kink-positive makers.

I now present to you for anyone who wants to organize or attend similar meetups:

teasecraft meetup groups are for folks interested in making their own sex toys / BDSM equipment / other kinky and fun things. All are welcome, regardless of your (a)sexuality/orientation/gender or what materials you work with (electronics, wood, metal, leather, software, etc.).

This isn’t a company or a for-profit effort — we’re just offering a directory for people who want to start meetup groups. I was originally inspired by dorkbot, an un-organized set of meetup groups for folks interested in electronics and similarly geeky things.  You can find dorkbot groups all over the world.

That’s what I would love to see for teasecraft, too. I want to be able to travel anywhere and share ideas with other creative, sex/kink-positive people!

If you’re in the greater Boston area, you should definitely consider joining teasecraft-boston. If not, consider organizing a meetup group yourself, or with friends, and then submit it so we can list it on It doesn’t cost anything to have a new teasecraft chapter listed — all we want to do is to encourage folks to start getting together, sharing their expertise, and inspiring one another.

January 2013: See The Hammer! (Ignite Craft Boston, Arisia)

Welcome, everyone who’s arrived from cracked.comI was thrilled (and basically speechless) when I saw The Hammer listed as the #1 Geekiest Sex Toy. Thanks again for clicking over, and I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog (and my other very geeky, Doctor Who-themed toy).

I’m going to be speaking and giving a live demonstration of The Hammer at a couple of events coming up this month. If you’d like to bask in the glow of my rainbow cock in person (assuming the Demo Gods shower me with their favor), check out:

  • Friday, January 11 at MIT: I’m going to be giving a 5-minute lightning talk at Ignite Craft Boston 3. It’s free, but you need to register for a ticket. Doors open at 6:30, talks start at 7pm.
  • Sunday, January 20 at Arisia: I’m participating on a panel called “Home Depot in the Bedroom” at 11:30pm. You’ll have to register for Arisia (either for the whole conference or just for that day) to attend.
If you’re in the greater Boston area, you’ll almost always find me the 3rd Friday of the month at teasecraft, a meetup for sex/kink-positive makers and hackers. It’s a great place for people to talk about project ideas, ask for advice, and show off what they’re working on.
I hope to see some of you soon!

A Surprising Truth About Sex/Kink-Positive Spaces

Since starting this blog, I’ve had a few experiences in sex/kink-positive spaces which…well, felt awkward and kind of creepy. I think I’ve finally figured out why they felt creepy: the people who I was interacting with didn’t appreciate a fundamental truth about our shared space.

A Surprising Truth About Sex/Kink-Positive Spaces

The truth about sex/kink-positive spaces is that a lot of them are basically public.  They may feel kind of private because you’re probably with a group of like-minded individuals who share a lot of common interests.  They may feel kind of private…but they aren’t.  It’s important to realize this distinction because it affects what counts as polite, acceptable behavior (as opposed to creepy behavior).

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Fixing your favorite toys with sugru

My favorite vibrator has a very special place in my heart: I always want to keep it close to me. I’m so happy it’s a part of my life. I love it despite its faults.

Fortunately, since we are talking about a sex toy and not a person, I can say that I’ve figured out how to fix it so that I don’t have to deal with any of its crap anymore.  Enter sugru, a silicone-based “self-setting rubber.”

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The Hammer: Fun With Animated GIFs

While I was out at Arse Elektronika, I decided that I really needed a nice animated GIF of my wearing The Hammer…and a way to create some memes (or, more accurately, image macros).  Blatant self-promotion? Check.

Share and enjoy!

My favorite:
The Hammer Is My Penis

My second favorite:
All Glory To The Hypnocock

Got another idea? Here’s a blank template:
Blank image macro of The Hammer (animated gif)

All of these images and the blank template are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. I would love to see what else you come up with! Feel free to remix and post your own memes here or elsewhere on the interwebs. ;)

The Hammer: Technical Talk at Arse Elektronika 2012

I recently got back from Arse Elekronika 2012, where I was thrilled to receive a Golden Kleene award for my work here! Thanks so much to everyone at Monochrom and all of the conference organizers — it was a fantastic conference, and I’m really honored to have received the Golden Kleene and to have been invited to speak.

Unfortunately I don’t have a recording of the whole talk, but fellow speaker Khannea Suntzu was able to capture a couple of excerpts. Thank you, Khannea!

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