Startup Stories: The Big Picture


While I’m treading water, trying to figure out how to keep pushing forward, one of my closest friends pointed out to me that I need to figure out what the heck my goals are.  Not just what Passionate Produce is going to do in the next six months or year, but what I want to spend the next twenty or thirty years of my life doing.  What do I want my life to be like? Why am I doing all this, anyways?

I thought a lot about that, and the results are posted on the Passionate Produce blog.

Princess Charming: Diverse princesses for diverse kids

I don’t generally feel comfortable asking people to give money to things, but I believe that it is really important for Princess Charming to exist in the world.


Kids need better princess role models, and lots of them, in stories that they can read and re-read as they get older. Josh Roby and Anna Kreidner have the whole thing planned out — each princess’s story is planned for a picture book, a bedtime book, and an early reader book. They are trying to build an enduring legacy of stories featuring princesses of color, princesses of different sizes, princesses who use swords and princesses who use words.

Princess Fayola is assigned male at birth and has to explain to her parents that yes, she IS a princess.  Princess Rowan happens to have a physical disability.  Princess Chandra happens to be about twice the size of any Disney princess I’ve ever seen (and I bet she’ll be kicking at least twice as much ass.)

If you have the resources to contribute to this campaign, please go do it.  If you have social media accounts, please spread the word.  Feel free to use the graphic I created (available as  480×567, 1195×1411, or SVG), or use the art from a Princess Charming update.

Go. Help bring these awesome princess stories to life so that kids — girls, boys, gender variant kids, trans* kids, ALL kids — can become more awesome people.

Resource List for teasecraft at Arisia 2014

teasecraft-boston, a meetup group for sex/kink-positive makers, held its January 2014 meetup at Arisia.  The following is a list of resources which were discussed by participants at the event:

MatWeb (database of materials data / safety info):

Jay Wiseman (kink educator with a background in law and medicine):

Kink Aware Professionals (nationwide registry):

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom:
“The NCSF is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the US that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions.”

The PSIgasm Project (buttplug with embedded sensors):

Arse Elektronika (sex/tech conference):
Arse Elektronika mailing list (very low traffic; mainly for announcing conf. dates and call for submissions):

Tristan Taormino has interviewed a couple of people who have talked about toy safety and some of the substances to avoid:

Smooth-On Platinum Cure Silicones:
Dragon Skin, Dragon FX Pro, and Ecoflex in particular have been endorsed by Smooth-On reps for use in penetrative toys (although you may still wish to check the Materials Safety Data Sheets for yourself).

In the Boston area, Reynolds Advanced Materials carries Smooth-On products:—Boston,-MA/pages.html
RAM staff are extremely helpful and have no problem talking about sex toys.

Clarissa Cupcake showed off some of her sexy scrapbooking. She’s also made toys of glazed ceramic and is a burlesque performer. You can find her at .

Kristen Stubbs showed off her latest prototype of The Hammer. You can find her blog at and her crowdfunding startup at .

Did we miss anything? Feel free to contribute your resources in the comments below!

Guest Post: The Eva Project

Ever wondered what it might be like to feel as though your strap-on were actually part of your body? I’m proud to present my friend Andres and his Eva Project, a basic DIY toy which is designed to do just that. Below Andres describes the psychology behind the project, shows how he built it, and gives ideas for other toymakers to build on.

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Seeking contract sysadmin for Passionate Produce

Update, 1/29/14: We’ve ended our search and are excited to work with our new sysadmin. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in this position!

Many of you may know that I’m launching a new startup called Passionate Produce — a radically inclusive, sex-positive crowdfunding platform. Now that the site is open for beta testers, I’m looking for a contract sysadmin.

This is a part-time job that will require working with Linux, Postgres, and Nginx; setting up automated backups; and maintaining uptime on a production server. Previous experience with Rails, Memcached, and scaling production sites a plus. Compensation is negotiable (1099).

Interested? Please email me your resume.

Upcoming Talk: Arse Elektronika 10/5 (SF)

Are you in the San Francisco area? Come hear me speak at Arse Elektronika 2013!

If you had the chance to take your favorite hobby and turn it into a business, would you?

What if that hobby were sex?

Dr. Kristen Stubbs shares her adventures as a sex-positive entrepreneur, including her lessons learned and advice for folks who are interested in founding sex-positive businesses of their own.  Kristen will discuss pseudonymity, dealing with the sex-negative world, finding collaborators, and more.

No prior business experience is required or assumed — Kristen didn’t have much when she started, either!

What: Sex-Positive Startup Stories or: Phase 1: Sex / Phase 2: ? / Phase 3: Profit
When: Saturday, October 5, ~1:30pm
Where: The Center for Sex & Culture (1349 Mission b/w 9th and 10th, San Francisco)

Arse Elektronika is an incredibly fun meeting of the (pervy) minds: here’s the complete schedule. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

RSVP (not required, but it’s nice to know who I might get to see!)
FetLife event:

Google+ event:

I hope to see you next weekend!

Startup Stories: Release the Hounds!

Er, I mean…

Passionate Produce has opened for beta testing!

Passionate Produce is my new startup: a radically inclusive, sex/kink-positive crowdfunding platform. If you’re subscribed to our newsletter, shortly you should be receiving an email invite.

This is one of the scariest things I’ve done in a long time.  I want to push the site forward and get good feedback, but it’s hard to invite folks in when I know about all the things that still need tweaking.  Will people come away with a positive impression of my company, or have I just made an epic mistake?

All I can do is take a deep breath and see what happens!