Upcoming talk: Arse Elektronika 2014 in San Francisco

Are you a sex geek in the San Francisco Bay Area? Come out to Arse Elektronika, October 2-5!

The theme of the sex/tech conference Arse Elektronika in 2014 is Trans*.* .

The theme of the sex/tech conference Arse Elektronika in 2014 is Trans*.* .

I’ll be performing at the Prixxx Arse gala on Thursday night! I’ll also be giving a talk on Saturday afternoon with my collaborator Jimmie P. Rodgers, “Keeping It Up Under Pressure: A DIY Vacuum Rig for Body Casting.”

There will be tons of other great talks and performances, including many of my friends and sex-positive colleagues — the folks from Comingle (@comingle_io), The Mystery Box Show (@mysteryboxpdx), Griffin Boyce (@abditum), Tina Gong of HappyPlayTime (@happyplaytime), Maggie Mayhem (@MsMaggieMayhem), and Dr. X. Treme of Orgasmatronics Inc. (@Doctor_Xtreme , @Orgasmatronics), to name a few.

Go grab your ticket, and I look forward to seeing you there!


Ambrosia Vibe + The Hammer FTW

In a win for sex-positive makers and hackers everywhere, Dr. X. Treme and our friends over at Orgasmatronics Inc. have officially announced that their bionic dildo, the Ambrosia Vibe, will be open source!

I’m extremely proud to count Dr. X. Treme as a friend and colleague. When he asked to borrow one of my precious Hammer prototypes, I knew the result would be awesome:

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my own Ambrosia Vibe! If you want to get in on this hot,  open source, sex hacking — preorder the Ambrosia now.

HOPE X: The Sex Geek as Culture Hacker

“Being a nerd is not about what you love; it’s about how you love it.” Wil Wheaton’s words ring true for many self-identified geeks and nerds. But what happens if what you love is “love,” or even “lust”?

On July 19, 2014, I presented a talk entitled “The Sex Geek as Culture Hacker” at HOPE X. Below the video, you’ll find my slides, references, and lots of additional resources.

Latest update (July 29, 2014): I’ve posted video of the talk as well as some resources to help answer the questions that were asked during Q&A.

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Open Source Dildo Generator is Awesome

We are living in the future.

As reported on MotherboardIkaros Kappler has created Dildo-Generator.com: a free, open-source tool that lets you design your own dildo. 

My first dildo created on dildo-generator.com in less than 5 minutes.

What’s neat about this tool is that once you’ve got a design that you like, it can generate a file which can be used to 3D print a mold for your toy.  Once you’ve got a mold, you can cast your toy in your preferred silicone:

I haven’t had time to go through the whole process, but I’m definitely looking forward to giving this a try!

“The Sex Geek as Culture Hacker” 7/19 in NYC

I’m attending the conference HOPE X in NYC for the first time this year, and I’ll be giving a talk called “The Sex Geek as Culture Hacker” on Saturday, 7/19 (details on Facebook and FetLife).

Kristen with the Fremont Troll

My recent visit to the Fremont Troll in Seattle.

Will I end up trolling an entire conference of mostly cisgender, heterosexual male hackers?  It could happen. You’ll just have to attend the talk and find out.

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