Fun with Silicone!

At Arisia 2015, Jimmie P. Rodgers (@jprodgers) and I hosted a teasecraft meetup and gave a presentation entitled “Fun with Silicone!” We covered some basics of casting and moldmaking specific to working with body-safe silicone, and we also touched on body casting and some advanced casting techniques.

Update, 7/20/16: At long last, here’s the video of the session!

Here are the notes from our talk (presented as a slide deck):


Screenprinting: Gender vs. Genitals

In my quest to build a sex toy or piece of BDSM equipment using every workshop at Artisan’s Asylum, a while back I took a screenprinting class. My t-shirt isn’t exactly a toy, but…whatever. ;)

I designed a shirt which reads,

I designed and printed this shirt at Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville. It reads, “Some women have penises. Some men have vaginas. Get over it.”

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