Startup Stories: Why we need a sex-positive crowdfunding site

When Shine Louise Houston launched a crowdfunding campaign for her next queer, feminist  porn film, SNAPSHOT, I was both elated and terrified.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to support an award-winning sex-positive pornographer.  And I was scared that it meant the end of a dream I’ve spent the past four years of my life working towards.

Does the world even need a new sex-positive crowdfunding site?

Startup Stories: Did someone say “advisory council”?

Did someone say "advisory council"?

New Effing Foundation blog post is up!

With our awesome new Board of Directors, my excitement about the Effing Foundation and our mission has never been greater.

“But, Kit,” you ask, “if the whole purpose of the Effing Foundation is to support sex-positive artists, activists, educators, and entrepreneurs — where’s their input? How do you know that your Effing projects are what these people want?”

Startup Stories: Enthusiastic Consent and the Board of Directors

New post on my non-profit startup blog: Enthusiastic Consent and the Board of Directors.

Today is the day I hunt / great folks for my board of directors

Thinking theoretically about who to invite to the Effing Foundation inaugural Board of Directors and drafting an informative invitation was one thing. Actually being Out On The Hunt has turned out to be more complicated than I had expected. (Although by now, you’d think I’d have learned that I should expect nothing to go like I expect.)

Review: The Master Beta Kit by Orgasmatronics, Inc.

My friend Dr. X. Treme of Orgasmatronics, Inc., sent me a Master Beta Kit to review in advance of their crowdfunding campaign. The TLDR: I’m extremely excited about this kit! Finally, I have something sex-positive I can recommend for absolute beginners who want to start working with electronics and the Arduino platform.

Orgasmatronics Master Beta Kit

Easy erotic engineering with the Master Beta Kit by Orgasmatronics.

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