The Geeky Kink Event 2016: Adventures in Sex/Tech!

On November 5, 2016, I presented a talk entitled “Adventures in Sex/Tech!” at The Geeky Kink Event. Here you’ll find the video (if/when it’s available), my slides, and lots of additional resources.

This talk is a variation on the talk I gave in July 2016 at HOPE XI — I updated the selection of crowdfunded sex toys and tailored the talk to a specifically kinky audience..
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HOPE XI: Hacking Sex

Hacker culture celebrates technological empowerment: encouraging people to move beyond passive consumerism towards building and modifying technology to better meet their own needs. Hacking sex means expanding our definition of “sex”; recognizing that no two of us have the exact same biology, (a)sexuality, or desires; and building and modifying toys and equipment to enhance our own pleasure.

On July 23, 2016, I presented a talk entitled “Hacking Sex: Toys, Tools, and Tips for Empowerment and Pleasure” at HOPE XI. Here you’ll find the video, my slides, and lots of additional resources.

Unfortunately, the recording failed to capture my demo of The Hammer! Starting around 15:13, imagine that you’re seeing something like this:

Kit stands sideways to the camera as their glowing dildo, The Hammer, lights up the wall behind them.

Since we don’t have video of my Hammer demo at HOPE XI, here’s a bit of footage to give you a taste of what you missed.

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New Video: Fun with Silicone (Intro to Casting & Moldmaking)

Way back in January 2015, my friend Jimmie P. Rodgers and I presented a session on working with silicone at Arisia. We assume no prior experience with casting and moldmaking! This session covers key terminology around casting and moldmaking, the basic process of creating a sex toy, and important tips for working with silicone.

My apologies for the lack of transcript; I don’t have the spoons to make one at this time.

For more information about the session, including the slides that I was speaking from, check out the original post.

teasecraft resources: Better Sex Through Trigonometry (OpenSCAD)

Mr. O created this programatically-generated sex toy using OpenSCAD.

Mr. O created this programatically-generated sex toy using OpenSCAD.

In November 2015, Mr. O presented “Better Sex Through Trigonometry” at teasecraft-boston, a meetup group for folks interested in making their own sex toys, BDSM equipment, and other kinky and fun things.

Ever wanted to create your own Dildo or other Sex Toy? Have the perfect design in your mind but don’t know how to bring it into reality? Mr. O will walk you through the basics of using OpenSCAD, a free program for creating 3D models that you can then 3D print or create molds for silicone casting. Make toys to fit your own personal geometry!

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Looking for Early Teledildonics (Let’s Fight a Patent Troll!)

Know of any public examples of teledildonics before August 1997? You can help fight a patent troll!

In case you haven’t heard: my friends at and several other small sex/tech companies, are under attack from a company that owns a patent on all teledildonics — yep, literally, any device that can be controlled over a network and causes a physical sensation. This story has been covered by Ars Technica, Boingboing, Metafetish, and Gizmodo.

The EFF even featured this patent as a Stupid Patent of the Month because it’s so broad: “[This patent] never should have issued. Doing it with a computer (literally) does not make something patentable.”

This lawsuit promises to have a chilling effect on the development of new sex toys, including my own work.

Here’s how you can help: If you know of any prior art (computer-controlled sex tech devices dated before August 1997), can get Comingle in touch with a pro-bono patent attorney, and/or can chip in to their legal defense fund, please visit Comingle’s IndieGoGo page.