New Video: Fun with Silicone (Intro to Casting & Moldmaking)

Way back in January 2015, my friend Jimmie P. Rodgers and I presented a session on working with silicone at Arisia. We assume no prior experience with casting and moldmaking! This session covers key terminology around casting and moldmaking, the basic process of creating a sex toy, and important tips for working with silicone.

My apologies for the lack of transcript; I don’t have the spoons to make one at this time.

For more information about the session, including the slides that I was speaking from, check out the original post.


New Video: Fun with Silicone (Intro to Casting & Moldmaking) — 7 Comments

  1. What is a good brand/name of a firm non-sulfur clay that will keep good details and able to be melted into an alginate mold? The ones I found seem too soft and would most likely deform when pulling it out of the alginate I think.

    • Cool, thanks for the suggestion! I haven’t gotten to try this yet but I’d be curious to see other folks’ results.

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