My WisCon Schedule 2018

I’m very excited to be back for my second year at WisCon! Here are the things I definitely plan to be doing at the con:

Friday, May 25

1:00pm-5:00pm I’m co-organizing the WisCon Bake Sale to benefit the Tiptree Award! If you’re interested in bringing treats or volunteering, all of the info you need is on the WisCon website. Stop by during the Gathering to say Hi and buy some tasty treats. Location: Room 627

Saturday, May 26

9:00pm-10:15pm teasecraft: Meetup for Sex/Kink-Positive Crafters, Makers, and Hackers I’m hosting this meetup for folks interested in making their own sex toys, BDSM equipment, and other kinky/fun things. I’ll have a few creations of my own and look forward to seeing what other folks bring! Location: Conference 2

Sunday, May 27

2:30pm-3:45pm Biology Breaks Binaries: More Wild Alien Sex I’ll be the emcee as we learn about some of the more interesting ways Earth critters partition sexes (or don’t!), use craft materials to imagine our own alien sexes and genders, and then do some show-and-tell with whoever wants to share their creations. (I helped out with this panel last year and had a great time!) Location: Capitol B

4:00pm-5:15pm Hot Off the Presses: Creating & Enjoying Inclusive, Sex-Positive Erotic Comics I’m moderating a panel on sex-positive, smutty comics! Come hear from artists and swap recommendations. Location: Capitol B

8:45pm-Close Superheroes & Serial Fiction Party After the Guest of Honor speeches, I’ll be heading upstairs to hang out at Alexandra Erin’s party. (You’ll probably find me sitting in a corner, chatting with a few folks by the light of my glowing dildo.) Alexandra is a fabulous hostess, especially for those of us who generally don’t like parties. Location: Room 629

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