The Toymaker Project at MassArt – November 2017

On November 30, 2017, I presented a short talk on the Toymaker Project and technological empowerment at MassArt as part of the event Sex & Sexuality in Art & Design. Here you’ll find my slides, video (once available), and lots of additional resources.

Talk Slides

References and Resources

If you’re interested in getting started making your own sex toys out of silicone, here are some references that might be helpful:

3D Printing


teasecraft sex/kink-positive maker meetup

Have questions about making sex-positive stuff? Come visit teasecraft, a Boston-area meetup group for folks interested in making their own kinky and fun things. I’ve been co-organizing meetups for over five years, and we have a really great community.

We have an email list, or you can find us on FetLife (free membership required). We meet in person about six times a year: find our next meetup at

Additional Information About My Work

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