June 2015 Sex-Positive Crowdfunding Roundup

Here’s a quick shout-out to two sex-positive projects that want your dollars: Shine Louise Houston’s next feminist porn film, SNAPSHOT, and the Crescendo by Mystery Vibe!

There is power in creating images, and for a woman of color and a queer to take that power...I don't find it exploitative; I think it's necessary.

Shine Louise Houston, award-winning feminist pornographer, is seeking funding for her next film.

SNAPSHOT by Shine Louise Houston: 4 days left!

I’m a huge fan of woman-produced, feminist porn, which is just one of the reasons I’m excited to support Snapshot.  Shine Louise Houston is a queer woman of color who’s also an award-winning porn director. I think we need more diverse perspectives in porn, both in front of and behind the camera, and clearly Shine Louise Houston is doing just that:

Shine Louise Houston, who comes at her work from the perspective of a queer woman of color, says that ‘The sex is the compelling story,’ but nevertheless adds ‘Showing different gender identities, sexual proclivities, different body types, skin colors — that’s all on the agenda.’  – BITCH Magazine

At first, I was worried about contributing to this campaign because it’s “keep what you raise” — your credit card will get charged right away. I read a little closer, though, and it seems that Shine Louise Houston had already saved up some money to produce the film.  She’s now getting close to her base-line budget, so I feel pretty confident that yes, the movie is going to happen.

If you contribute today, June 29, she’s got a sponsor who will match up to $1,000 in contributions. In any case, make sure you get in on the action before July 3!

MysteryVibe Crescendo Available for Pre-Order

The Crescendo by MysteryVibe is a fully poseable vibe with six motors.

The Crescendo by MysteryVibe is a fully poseable vibe with six vibrating motors.

I’ve been in contact with Soumyadip, one of the founders of MysteryVibe, for a couple of years now, and I’m excited to let you know that their first toy, the Crescendo, is now available for pre-order!

You can bend the Crescendo into whatever shape you like, enjoy it, and then bend it into a different shape the next time you play.  It’s got six vibrators in it — woah! — and MysteryVibe is developing an app that will let you download many different vibe patterns as well as create your own.

Soumyadip presented at a teasecraft-boston meetup earlier this year, and he told us that the vibes are being manufactured in the UK, where the company is based, and they’ve been actively soliciting input from a wide range of folks, including the women who work on the manufacturing line! Very cool.

If a buzzy, bendable toy sounds like something you might enjoy, you can preorder your own at the discounted price of US $119.

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