The Hammer: Technical Talk at Arse Elektronika 2012

I recently got back from Arse Elekronika 2012, where I was thrilled to receive a Golden Kleene award for my work here! Thanks so much to everyone at Monochrom and all of the conference organizers — it was a fantastic conference, and I’m really honored to have received the Golden Kleene and to have been invited to speak.

Unfortunately I don’t have a recording of the whole talk, but fellow speaker Khannea Suntzu was able to capture a couple of excerpts. Thank you, Khannea!

Part 1: I introduce myself and talk a little bit about my background (especially my “bad first time”).

Part 2: I give a demo of The Hammer and talk about how I made it. (The story of my first time using a Feeldoe, which The Hammer is based on, is here.)

Here are my slides from the talk:

I’d like to post transcripts of both of these videos (any help with that would be much appreciated!). I’m not sure when I will be able to post a more extensive DIY tutorial, but please don’t hesitate to post questions here in the meantime.


The Hammer: Technical Talk at Arse Elektronika 2012 — 14 Comments

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  4. omg you’re so funny and creative !

    but did you know you look and sound exactly like Amy Farrah Fowler from The big bang theory ?

    if u know anything about Amy on the show you’ll see it right away


  5. curious, what blend/manufacturer worked out for the silicone? i’m trying to create a few prototypes, but i am not so sure as to what silicone blends are safe, as well as how durometer translates to “softness”. figured you might be able to save me some trial and error! thanks in advance, jack

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    • Sorry for the delayed reply! I’m afraid I honestly don’t know of any other toys that both have lights and are pressure sensitive. The Ambrosia Vibe responds to pressure; I don’t know of any commercial toys that have programmable lights like the Hammer prototype does.

  7. I have been wanting to create a feeldoe with a small funnel at the top that covers a woman’s peehole and funnels out through a peehole in the top of the feeldoe …my girlfriend likes to wear her feeldoe and wants to pee with one … I can’t figure out without proper tooling how to combine the feeldoe with a shepee

    • Hi! That’s an interesting problem. I think you’d almost have to make a mold off of an existing toy, then cast a new one with some tubing added (and then attach that tubing to a funnel). In terms of what’s commercially available, I know there are packers that you can play with (like the Archer from the New York Toy Collective) and packers that have pee funnels, but I don’t know of any that do both.

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