The Geeky Kink Event 2016: Adventures in Sex/Tech!

On November 5, 2016, I presented a talk entitled “Adventures in Sex/Tech!” at The Geeky Kink Event. Here you’ll find the video (if/when it’s available), my slides, and lots of additional resources.

This talk is a variation on the talk I gave in July 2016 at HOPE XI — I updated the selection of crowdfunded sex toys and tailored the talk to a specifically kinky audience..

Talk Slides

References and Resources

Mainstream Culture vs. Sex-Positive/Kink-Positive Culture

Crowdfunded Sex Toys

Due to lack of time, I couldn’t cover all of my material on crowdfunded sex toys. If you’re interested in a broader survey, here’s my updated slide deck with links below:

The Sex Toy Patent Troll

3D Printing


Wrap-Up & Additional Information About My Work

Questions & Answers

I’ll update this section after the talk.


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